SSD Upgrade and Computer Speed Boost
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SSD Upgrade & Speed Boosts

An SSD (Solid State Drive) is a new type of Hard drive which does the same thing, but does it much faster and differently from a standard hard drive. SSDs do not have any moving parts, meaning they typically last a lot longer than other storage devices.

Sometimes you don't want to do a full upgrade, so we have many computer speed improvement services we can provide also.

How we can help

Hard Drive Replacement
We can replace your hard drive with an SSD Drive if it is getting slow or close to failure

Add an SSD to your computer
If your hard drive is healthy, then we can (in most cases) add an SSD to your computer (physical space permitting) to give you fast speed without compromising on space

Computer Checkup and Speed Improvements
We can come out and do a system health check on your PC and recommend software changes we can make or advise if hardware replacements are necessary

How our service works

It's really easy to book in a technician to come out to your home, using our advanced and simple online booking system. Simply fill out the questions under the Book Online Now section on this page, and we will get your appointment setup in no time! If you would prefer to book over the phone, please don't hesitate to call one of our friendly booking agents on 0800 933 495.

As you might be aware, in some cases viruses and malware can be especially tricky to remove. In most cases, we can clean up the computer and get everything working on our first visit, but in some cases further work might be required to ensure there is no lingering nasties. If further work is required, we will discuss this with you early on in the appointment to ensure there are no surprises.

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