Printer Setup and Connection
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Printer Setup & Connection

Getting your printer setup and working well can be tricky, especially if it is a wireless printer. Smart Technology's IT pros can get your printer setup on the wifi (if it isn't already) and setup the drivers and settings on your computers, laptops and smart devices.

Not only can we get you printing, we can optimise the printer settings to use less ink - saving you money in the long run.

Setup your Printer
If you have a new printer, we can unbox, install the ink and get it setup on the wireless network

Install Printing and Scanning Software
We can get the printing and scanning software and drivers setup on your computers, laptops and smart devices

Optimise Printer Settings
Printer ink and toner is expensive - we can optimise the printer settings to ensure you get the best possible print quality, all while using the least amount of consumables. Did you know that a lot of printers use up colour cartridges even if you only print black and white?

Printer not Working?
If you are having problems with printing or scanning, then Smart Technology can get you back up and running again

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