Personalised Email Addresses
Sick of @google or @hotmail? @xtra and @clear giving you the run-around? Get @what-ever-you-want with Smart Technology

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Personalised Email Address

Get an email address for life with a Smart Technology personalised email address. You can have (for example) rather than or or

The domain name (the bit after the at (@) sign) is registered in your name, and you can keep this for as long as you keep paying for it, therefore you are not at the mercy of free email providers who might decide to cancel their service and leave you in the lurch.

Smart Technology will register your domain name and connect it with World-class email service G Suite (by Google) and set you up with your email account. Because it is through Google, you also get heaps of Google Drive storage, Google Contacts & Calendar and much more. This is a premium, business-grade Google service, differing from the free Gmail service.

Need a professional business email address? Head on over to our Business Email Hosting service and check it out.


$10.50 per month (incl GST) for the domain* and email service for 1 email account

Additional $9 per month (incl GST) for extra email accounts.

*Some domain names (such as premium or special category domain names) may incurr additional fees which we will confirm with you before signing you up

Need any help?

Smart Technology's tech experts are on hand via phone and email if you need any help connecting your devices or migrating email. We can even visit you at your home or work to help you connect everything out (for an additional fee)

Want any more info?

Either give us a call on 0800 933 495 or put through an enquiry using the sign up form on the right hand side.

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