G-Suite Email Hosting

What is G-Suite?

G Suite is Google's grand offering to help new and small business grow quicker and more cost-effectively. It sounds too good to be true, but even our team at Smart Technology uses Google Apps because of how easily it streamlines our business processes. All types of businesses have reportedly reduced their costs by moving all their employees onto G Suite. How? G Suite allows you and your employees to co-create, store and share documents, spreadsheets, slideshows and even websites! And don't worry, G Suite works seamlessly with your favourite file types like Microsoft docs. On top of that, you each get a 30GB online storage bonus, a professional email address (e.g. you@yourbusiness.com), 24/7 support and much (much) more. You'll all be able to work as a professional team from anywhere, at anytime.

Why is G-Suite so Popular?

The reason a lot of existing NZ businesses are migrating to G Suite is because they are having problems with email. Imagine trying to run your business without a working email! With G Suite, your additional 30GB of storage is secure, and backed up. Google is also more efficient at storing documents so you won't use as much storage. However, if you do use up the extra 30GB, you can easily upgrade to unlimited storage for an extra $5 per month. You'll never need to buy more storage after upgrading. Your professional email has plenty of secure storage (it's also more efficient at storing email attachments so you'll need less storage). Don't sit on the fence. If you really are serious about growing your business, or you are having problems with your email, Smart Technology recommends you at least give G Suite a try.

How much does it cost?

G Suite only costs NZ$8 per user, per month. Not sure about investing? Don't worry, you'll each get a free, no-obligation trial for the first 14 days. And, since Smart Technology has close ties with Google, we can get each of you 20% off for the first 12 months. Let's say you have a small sized business, and you want four of your employees to be able to co-create and manage your files online. For twenty dollars per month, your team will end up with 4 professional emails and 240GB of online storage (good luck using up all that storage). And if you sign up to G Suite via Smart Technology, it will only cost sixteen dollars per month for your team of four.

How to Use G-Suite?

Once you've signed up to G Suite, your domain and email needs to be connected. For most people, managing domains and email accounts can be really intimidating and confusing. Smart Technology offer a G Suite setup service. Enquire with us today on how we can assist with your move to GSuite.

Setting up email with G Suite — New businesses

If you're a new business, or starting afresh, Smart Technology can help you get a professional domain (e.g. yourbusiness.co.nz), set up a professional email, set up a G Suite account, and connect your domain and email to your new G Suite account. From start to finish, Smart Technology will make sure to set you up according to industry best-practice, so you can avoid getting stuck in the process.

Migrating email to G Suite — Existing businesses

If you have important emails or documents in your inbox that you need to keep, you can't just set up a new email. You'll need to connect your old email to your new email and transfer your old files and documents. Again, this can be really intimidating and confusing for most people. Luckily, Smart Technology is a one-stop-shop for all online marketing needs, including email and G Suite. As part of Smart Technology's G Suite service, we can transfer all emails and attachments to G Suite for you and your employees. Want to get started? Have any questions? Contact the Smart Technology team and ask to speak with one of our friendly team.

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