Cyber Security and Backup Services
We can provide highly reliable server and network security services for your services

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Server Antivirus, Security and Backup Services

Smart Technology can offer ongoing server and business network security, backup and disaster recovery services to protect your business from cyber attacks and downtime due to physical damage and hardware failure

How we can help

We can maintain and monitor your server and network security remotely and fix any problems which occur as they arise

Backup and Disaster Recovery
Protect your business and your data with our Backup and Disaster recovery services.

About our Service

We have IT Professionals available to help you onsite in Hamilton, Auckland, Tauranga, New Plymouth and surrounding areas. If you are not located in these areas, we can also help you remotely via Screen sharing and over the phone.

You can either call up to book us in, or once registered use the online HelpCentre booking system through our website.

Our staff are professional and courteous, and will explain things in plain English.

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